Put The Lotion On The Skin

Although “Silence of The Lambs” was a great film, that creeped me out for years, it actually provides the best beauty tip of all. It puts the lotion on the skin. I get asked all the time how my makeup lasts all day, how it looks so fresh, how my skin looks glowing. The reaction is always surprising when I tell them to prep their skin thoroughly and you will see an immediate difference.

I’ve heard some say “well, I use a serum” or “I have oily skin so I don’t use lotion” or “I don’t have time for under eye cream.” Stop the whining and lotion up girls!

The key is to find the right moisturizer for your skin type. This preparation helps keep your skin looking younger and bonus – makes your make up last longer. It only takes a minute. So if you have time to check your social media or answer a text message, you have time to properly lotion the skin.



Here’s a (suggested) quickie 5-step morning skin prep:


Step 1) Quickly wash or rinse your face (save time in the shower)

If you have extra five minutes, throw on a mask on the T-zone (or a sheet mask).

Step 2) Toner

It does wonders. Find one that is suitable for your skin type: this is important. Spray toners are quick and easy. Even easier, get a rosewater spray toner. It’s quick, has natural ingredients, evens the skin and improves texture. (try Lush cosmetics or Mario Badescu).

Step 3) Serum (optional)

If you have an extra 5 minutes, use a serum or face oil and let it settle on the skin for 2-3 minutes. Here’s one from Clarins

Step 4) Under eye cream

This is important. Your eyes give your age away and you can look older if they are not being taken care of so please use under eye cream every day and night. I love my CeraVe

Step 5) Face lotion, plus SPF

If you have oily skin, then use a gel, or light mattifying lotion. If you have dry skin, then use a cream or face oil. If you have combination, use a daytime lotion for that specific combo type. Use one preferably with SPF, otherwise you can add an SPF over your lotion (plus the ingredients in an SPF also make a great makeup primer for the face.)


That’s it. Five easy steps. Let that settle into your skin for at least 10-15 minutes while you get dressed, make some coffee, answer emails, and then add your makeup.

Additional long-lasting make up helpers are primers and setting sprays.



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